Bombshell Business School

taught by Kyshira Moffett

Course description

Bombshell Biz School is a 4 part video training series that will help you go from zero to profitable hustle before fall arrives. The sessions occurred live this past summer but you can still get access to all of the content and take it at your own pace.

The videos range from 45 minutes to 75 minutes in length and provide actionable content to help you build a money making side hustle. You can view the topics of the courses under the curriculum section.

Session 1: The Fundamentals

This class starts off with the basics of building a side hustle. We discover to identify your niche and hone in on what makes you unique and valuable. Then, we go into branding principles and discuss how to carve out an unforgettable presence. The session concludes with intentional goal setting and action planning

Session 2: The Mechanics

In this session we discuss how to create website that converts visitors to customers. Several examples are shown of high converting websites and best practices are discussed. We also cover how to effectively price your products/services, tools that you need to best deliver them and more.

Session 3: The Game Plan

This class covers how to create winning sales strategy. Social media, blogging and other online marketing strategies are covered.

Session 4: The Final Play

The final session goes in-depth on sales and the launch process. Once your business structure is set, your website is ready to go, its time to present your business to the pubic! This class will tell you how to do just that in a profitable manner.

Kyshira  Moffett
Kyshira Moffett
Chief Bombshell Officer

Kyshira S. Moffett, MBA is a digital brand strategist content creator, serial entrepreneur, and author. Passionate about brand strategy, entrepreneurship, and beauty, she is living her motto “feel the fear and do it anyway” every single day.  In 2013, Kyshira founded The KSM Group, a boutique brand consulting firm which equips entrepreneurial women with digital brand and launch strategies to propel their businesses and blogs to the next level.  Kyshira is also the creator of #HERMovement, a successful business and lifestyle blog that highlights ambitious, millennial women on their pursuit to professional success. Since 2013, #HERMovement has more than 20K global followers, grown into a community of more than 1.5K members on Facebook, hosted a successful monthly Twitter chat which has been featured in EBONY Magazine, and expanded into a YouTube channel and podcast known as The Bombshell Diaries.